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Go Beyond Invoice Template Software

Why you should choose an automated invoicing application for your contracting business!


invoice template

We see many contracting businesses and small construction businesses using invoice templates solutions or invoice template apps. There are many out there and there are many benefits to using these apps, including keep track of all invoiced jobs and payments, but beyond these they often miss functionalities that help your business to simplify your customer invoices/billing.

So why should you consider using an application beyond the traditional invoice template?

1.      Keep track of time and costs every day, every hour!

Invoice template applications are what they say on the tin, a template you have to fill out with your information such as your time spend on the job, your costs for buying materials etc. You are still managing all this information offline and need to manually add it to your invoice template. What about a solution allowing you to capture your time in real-time and as intuitively as it gets. The same applies to costs, how about an app that you can take images of your receipts / invoices and automatically processes these to your job?

2.      Invoice your customers – Automatically no Invoice Template required

Invoice your jobs/projects automatically once they are complete – no more manual update to an invoice template. Gone are the days where you need to jump into another application to enter the time spent and the materials used. When you use a job management app you can collect all this information in real-time and therefore invoice your customer in real time. So, you finished the job and the invoice is created – amazing right.


3.      Invoice Payment - Collect your customer payments automatically!

invoice payment

Your customers have often an expectation that the payment process they can use should be as seamless as possible. It should be fast and easy to pay, we all strive towards simple and secure management of payment and offering customers choices depended on their preference. This should surely count as one of your simplest ways to manage your customer relationships. There are a number of invoice template solutions that can’t compete and don’t want too either. Look out for the way you would like your customers to pay you and give them the options.


4.      Invoice Overdue? - Remind your customer automatically

Time and time again we have customers that just forget or have special storage for invoices that need to be paid. We all don’t like following up on payments as it seems like we chase things. It’s not ingrained into our behaviour to chase for things, so why not have an application that send these payment reminders automatically. Helping your customers to remember the invoice has become due and providing automated payment links to your customers preference, so goodbye to forgotten payments.


5.      So, what about job profits? – Do I need an accountant or worse study accountancy?

Customer invoice

Well, if you are able to track your cost without needing an accounting solution on top of your job/project management application. One solution that does it all! “Amazing you say” and with it comes full cost control as your expenditure is with each image of your receipt/invoice mapped back to your job. No more uncertainty if a job is profitable for you and accounting speak doesn’t need an accountant and one app that doesn’t need an accounting degree as we do it all for you.

6.      Take control of your cashflow

As the word cashflow says cash flows in time; so support all your business activities, you can invoice on completion at a push of a button and therefore your get paid sooner. The payments can be used to fund your current jobs, reducing the worries and stress.

7.      Improve your work/life balance

work life balance

How about it, you can improve your work/life balance by reducing your administrative burden associated with customer invoicing. Using a solution to allows you to track your expenses, you and your teams time will allow you to invoice your customer in NO-TIME at all. Gone are the days spending hours on a Sunday in an office to compile your customer invoices for the week and you don’t need an accounting package to do so.


In Summary here is why you should consider an application like Cræftig to simplify your job invoicing:

·       More time with your family and the things your love to do

·       Invoice faster and get paid faster

·       Take control of your cash flow

·       Don’t bother about the accounting degree you won’t need it!

·       Why settle for second best?

Try Cræftig today by contacting us!



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